Best Ascend Kayaks Reviewed

The Best Ascend Kayaks

Ascend kayaks are becoming more and more popular each day for their high-quality yet affordable price, a combination that’s hard to find. However, with their increasing number on the market, it can get a little challenging to find the best ones. That’s why I’ve decided to gather the 5 best Ascend kayaks with their pros, cons, and everything else you might need to know. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it. Comparison Table: Model Seating Length Width Weight Capacity Ascend H10 Sit-In 10’0” 31” 400 lbs. Ascend 10T Sit-On-Top 10’0” 30” 325lbs. Ascend 12T Sit-On-Tip 12’0” 31” 350 …

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Best Kayak For Beginners

The Best Kayaks for Beginners

Picking your first kayak is challenging. You’ll be all excited until you go through the specs of the available kayaks and see some complicated terminologies that don’t make any sense to you whatsoever!  We’ve all been there! Fortunately, you found your way to this guide; it’s our turn now to deliver the best kayak for beginners to you.  In this list, we reviewed the very best vessels that every angler picks from when they’re starting out this unique sport. Also, we made sure to tell you how to decide the specs that are more suitable for you. Accordingly, you’ll be …

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Best Kayaks Under $200

The Best Kayaks Under $200

Are you a beginner who isn’t sure if they are into kayaking? Do you need a kayak for recreational purposes or weekend trips? Do you not want to pay a considerable sum of money for something that you’ll rarely use? We have a solution! With less than $200, you can buy an excellent kayak with some additional features. The most important factors to consider are durability and stability, among others mentioned in our short buying guide. Because we know that searching for such yaks might be difficult and time-consuming, we have decided to make you a list of the best …

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The 6 Best Kayaks for Camping

The Best Kayaks for Camping

Camping by itself is a fantastic activity, as it adds a lot to your personality and overall health. Add paddling a kayak to the mixture, and you’ll get one of the best experiences of your life. Nonetheless, to achieve that, you will need to dig out the best kayak for camping from amongst the maze that is today’s market. Kayaks come in all shapes and sizes; fiberglass ones, carbon composite ones, and inflatable ones. They can also be tall, short, wide, and narrow. No matter what you want, you’ll hopefully find it at the price you want. That’s precisely the …

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Best Kayak Under $500

The Best Kayaks Under $500

Kayaking is generally one of the best sports that you can take up in order to exercise both your body and mind. It allows you to get some serenity out on the water by yourself, and it can be incredibly helpful for your mental state. Additionally, according to whether you want to go out by yourself or with a friend, you’ll be able to either enjoy your alone time without interruptions or spend a few hours socializing and sharing experiences with your friends. Also, it’s a great way to meet people and form new friendships.  We can easily go on …

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Best Kayak For Kids

The Best Kayaks for Kids

Have your kids been throwing tantrums declaring that they are old enough to get their own kayak? Has it been ruining your supposedly peaceful trips? Worry no more as manufacturers have designed some kid-friendly yaks. As a matter of fact, buying your kid his/her kayak is beneficial. For example, it is an excellent way to let your children step away from digital screens. Plus, it is an enjoyable upper body workout. Yet, there are certain things that you should consider before buying a kayak to ensure that the kids are safe and stable inside. In our short buying guide, you …

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Best Kayak For Dogs

The Best Kayaks For Dogs

If you’re a dog owner who usually kayaks, you most probably leave your dog behind whenever you head to the shore. This makes you a bit guilty, doesn’t it? Now, you can safely enjoy the best kayak trips with your loyal friend. All you need to do is find a dog-friendly kayak. Such kayaks usually offer a high weight limit, enough space where your dog can play around without you worrying he might fall over, and other qualities that we’ll talk about in detail later.  However, before taking your dog on board, there are specific tips that you should follow …

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best touring kayak

The Best Touring Kayaks

If you love long water trips or if you want a kayak with ample storage where you can bring along as much gear as you wish, touring kayaks are your answer. There are certain features that good touring kayaks must have to enable you to go on a long trip without facing any hazardous situations. And for you to pick the right one, you must be well-informed on these features. In this guide, we have compiled a list of the best touring kayaks on the market, as well as the factors you should tick off of your checklist before buying …

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Modular Kayak Review

The Best Modular Kayaks

Kayakers like to have the upper hand when it comes to their kayak handling, and that’s precisely what modular kayaks have to offer. They allow their holders to build them up and adjust them according to their needs, making them the most convenient for different anglers. For instance, you can break down the kayak to fit one person or build it up to fit four. Also, the simple techniques used to build it up or break it down come in pretty handy if you’re a kayaker who seeks a portable kayak and moves around a lot. Those are just the …

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Kayaks For a Large Person

The Best Kayaks for a Large Person

Kayaks have always been excellent for fishing or relaxing. However, nowadays, they are becoming more and more popular to get back into shape. If you’re a large person, kayaking is a great exercise where you can enjoy freedom and nature instead of being on a treadmill at a gym. You also won’t be losing your time because your trips will always be productive. In other words, the only thing you’ll lose at the end of your trip is some weight. For this reason, manufacturers have designed kayaks that offer a lot of buoyancy and stability for people over 300lbs. Such …

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