Best Kayak Accessories

The Best Kayak Accessories

Having a spectacular kayaking experience doesn’t stop at purchasing the right kayak. There are some other major things that you need to think about; off the top of my head, the kayaking spot, fishing technique, and of course, the tools and accessories you’ll use on your trip.  Luckily,  you don’t have to worry about the latter anymore, as I’ll be reviewing some of the best kayak accessories that you can’t miss out on if you want safe, hassle-free trips.  18 Best Kayak Accessories in 2020 1. Sport-Brella Versa-Brella Umbrella Heat strokes are more common than you’d think, especially if you …

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Best Kayak Anchors

The Best Kayak Anchors

When you’re kayaking, it’s most likely that you’re going to be moving forward all the time. Whether it’s recreational touring around a river or an ocean, looking for a packed spot to fish in, or simply enjoying the scenery as you paddle beside a coastline. However, sometimes you might need to stop to take a rest, fix yourself a snack, or be able to relax while the waves rock your vessel. And that’s where a kayak anchor comes in. They’re your best bet for securing your kayak in place, whatever the terrain beneath the boat is. There are a couple …

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Best Kayak Cart

The Best Kayak Carts

Kayaks can be hard to transport, especially if there is a long distance between your place and the shore. For this reason, manufacturers have designed kayak carts- also known as dollies. Such carts work magic because all you need to do is simply put them under your kayak, and voila! Transportation can’t get any easier. Thanks to their wheels, you can pull the kayak with one finger! They are especially helpful if you have tandems, given that they are heavier than solo kayaks. What’s more, some models are pretty sturdy and offer a high weight capacity that you can attach …

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The 6 Best Kayaking PFDs

The Best Kayaking PFDs

Ever came across that meme which mentions that Rose could’ve saved Jack since there was enough space on the door for both of them? Ever thought that maybe both could’ve been saved without needing that door in the first place? That’s precisely why PFDs (personal floatation devices) come in handy! Now of course not all such trips into the sea are equally dangerous. It’s a fresh summer day, you rented a lake house for a couple of days with your friends, and someone mentioned kayaking. You’re writing a list of what needs to be included on the kayaking boat, and …

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Best Shoes for Kayaking

The Best Shoes for Kayaking

More often than not, we’ve seen newbies stepping in their kayaks with their Nike sneakers or leather boots. Now let’s get this clear, ruining 100-dollar worth shoes or more in the water should be considered a crime! And even if you use an old pair, they’re not designed to hold up to wet conditions, so you’ll only be left with crumbling shoes. That’s, of course, after spending hours walking on a wet sponge and ending up with a fungal infection due to all the water your feet have been swimming in. Forget about all this pain and take a look …

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Best Kayak Life Jacket

The Best Kayak Life Jackets

Got a new kayak? Congratulations! Time to get your hands on a life jacket that matches the type of paddling you’ll be doing. Between dozens of brand names, different materials, and lots of features, you can get confused easily on which product is the most suitable for the water you kayak in or the situation. We’re breaking this down for you in the form of detailed reviews of the best kayak life jackets currently on the market, followed by a comprehensive guide to walk you through the process. Even if you’ve been paddling for years without wearing one, it’s time …

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Best Kayak Seat

The Best Kayak Seats

Kayaking is about enjoying what you’re doing at hand, whether it’s racing, fishing, meditation, or just leisure paddling. But how are you supposed to relax with the seat feeling like a solid rock below you? A lousy seat can cause you lower back pain, neck aches, and eventually leg numbness. You might find yourself cutting your trips early or even falling out of love with this sport just because of an inconvenient chair. But we’re not allowing that to happen.  Here are our recommendations for the best kayak seats that will prolong your rides and provide you with nice extra …

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Best Kayaking Gloves

The Best Kayaking Gloves

A good sturdy pair of kayaking gloves will definitely save you a lot of grief. The constant friction between your hands and pedals is bound to generate cuts, calluses, abrasions, and a plethora of injuries that could very well progress drastically if not appropriately treated.  A good pair of caulking gloves will be made out of a sturdy material in order to take the brunt off of your hands. Moreover, it should fit you perfectly without being too tight or too loose. Logically, it ought to be waterproof, and it’s up to you whether you choose gloves that have full, …

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Best Kayak Paddle

The Best Kayak Paddles

We like to think that a paddle is the most important piece of gear for a kayaker because right, you got the best vessel, but how are you going to move it?  From experience, we know that the wrong paddle can ruin your day. Sometimes it’s longer than needed or just not strong enough to propel your yak through rough water or against the tide.  Whether you’re touring, fishing, venturing across oceans, or exploring new whitewater, we put ourselves in your shoes and gathered the best kayak paddles for all situations. So, get ready to meet your next kayaking buddy …

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