Best Kayak Camera

The Best Cameras For Kayaking

If you like kayaking, you’ll often find yourself wishing you had a high-quality camera to capture the scenic features in the heart of nature.  It can be truly remarkable to find natural scenery as you float on the water; however, finding the right angle and getting high-quality photos to commemorate these memories can be a tad bit hard if you don’t have specialized equipment. This is where kayaking cameras come in. Lucky, manufacturers understand that there are hundreds of kayakers out there in need of a durable, well-stabilized camera to capture on and in-depth water shots. If you’re looking for …

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The 6 Best Kayak Coolers

The Best Kayak Coolers

As a kayaker, there are many essential kayaking equipment to be taken into serious consideration before sailing out, one of which is your kayak cooler. Whether you’ll be kayaking for a full day or days, you’ll need a competent kayak cooler to protect your snacks and keep your drinks and whatever catches you reel in fresh and cold until you get back onshore.  Pick the wrong kayak cooler, and your chances of ending up with a soggy sandwich, warm soda, and a kayak smelling like fish bait will be almost definite. Thanks to the various types of kayak coolers we …

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The 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors

The Best Kayak Trolling Motors

Designed to be attached via a bracket lock or transom mount onto the stern or bow of your kayak, trolling motors make fishing more enjoyable. They have the advantage of being quieter than standard motors on boats, which translates to a more convenient time on your yak and fewer chances of fish being scared away!  Not all of them are the same, however. The current market stocks many models, but you need to be sure of the type you need for your particular kayak. To help make things easier, we have compiled the best trolling motors in one place so …

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Best Dry Bag for Kayaking

The Best Dry Bags for Kayaking

When you’re out on the water kayaking, you don’t want to be worried about anything else. The whole world disappears, and you just want to focus on the “now”. Hence, you want everything around you to be perfect, and a dry bag is essential for just that. Keeping your stuff with you, safe and out of the way, is the wanted trifecta. That is why we’ll talk to you about the seven best dry bags for kayaking present on the market today, in detail. Let’s get to know them a bit better. Comparison Table Model Material Capacity Weight MARCHWAY Floating …

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Best Kayak Scupper Plugs

Best Kayak Scupper Plugs

 “Little amounts of water are fine”– you’ve probably heard that before in one of your kayaking sessions. What about being submerged by water and feeling that your kayak is drowning? Not the best feeling, of course.  That’s precisely where kayak scupper plugs come to the rescue, blocking all the water from coming in through your kayak holes! If you’re on the market looking for the best kayak scupper plugs out there, we’ve got you covered! What Are Kayak Scupper Plugs? Kayak scupper plugs are designed to be inserted in the scupper holes that exist in your kayak. Some kayaks don’t …

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Best Kayak Sail Kit

Best Kayak Sail Kits

Kayaking is all fun and games until you have to cut your trips short because you’re out of breath and your arms feel sore. If this is a problem you’re facing, then you’ve landed in the right place. Putting a sail rig on your vessel can make your kayaking adventures more comfortable, shake up the routine, and sprinkle some speed on top. Instead of fighting the wind, you can use this strong breeze pushing at your back to make things more convenient while on the water.  This is our invitation to start a new realm of kayaking, so continue reading …

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Kayak Cockpit Covers

The Best Kayak Cockpit Covers

When it comes to moving your kayak around or keeping it stored somewhere, there’s always this nagging worry that it will collect dirt or insects or even get scratched. And that’s where a cockpit cover is really useful.  These covers are excellent accessories that enable you to store and transport your kayak without worrying about its safety, and they provide convenient storage space for your kayaking gear, as you can stuff the cockpit with the equipment and just slip the cover on until your next trip. Not to mention, there’s a little less known fact that a kayak cover reduces …

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Kayak Hatch Kits

Best Kayak Hatch Kits

Have you ever gone kayaking only to find that you have nowhere to store your gear, equipment, accessories, clothes, or food? Your options are more limited when you’re at the mercy of the sea than you might think.  If you decide to just “leave” your stuff on the kayak, you’ll regret that decision once the kayak starts moving. Everything will spill, move around, break, or fall off the kayak altogether.  It’s not just enough to get a kayak with a sufficient weight capacity but also with enough storage area. That’s where kayak hatches come in. Kayak hatches are meant to …

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Kayak Rudder Kit

Best Kayak Rudder Kits

Going on adventures in open waters to explore untouched, serene areas is a dream for many overworked individuals. If you’ve always been a watersports enthusiast, there’s a good chance you might have bought a kayak on a whim, thinking that you’ll instinctively know how to steer it. However, you may be surprised by how difficult navigation can be, especially in rough weather conditions. Like many other inexperienced kayakers, you’ll undoubtedly need all the help you can get to avoid accidents and enjoy your new favorite pastime. Kayak rudders can help you keep your kayak sailing in a straight line and …

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Best Kayak Fishing Crates

The Best Kayak Fishing Crates

Rigging a kayak is no simple task. Once you’ve loaded your kayak with tackles, poles, and other kayak accessories, you’ll be running out of space, which can be a problem when you’re paddling away from shore. It’s pretty easy to make a mess of disorganized items on your kayak if you don’t know how to utilize your gear. If you end up spending more time decluttering your kayak, you won’t have enough time to remove hooks from fish or enjoy your kayaking trip in general. When it comes to fishing crate options, there’s an array of products both on online …

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