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Primarily, Kayak Horizons was founded as an independent resource striving to provide you, as a reader, with ample information to make your next purchasing decision easier and wiser through our reviews, tips and tricks, and guides. 

And the cherry on top is that we don’t have a branded line of our own kayaks or kayak accessories and gear – in other words, we don’t sell anything.

How do we make profit, then? Simply, whenever you take our word for a recommendation and proceed to click on the product link to make the purchase from a third-party website, we make a small commission, called an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. 

With that said, that doesn’t mean we’ll push products that we don’t believe in your way to make a buck – we only recommend the products that we would actually recommend even if we weren’t making a commission out of them. We trust what we’re promoting! 

Currently, we at Kayak Horizons are a participant in the following affiliate programs:

  • Amazon Services LLC Associates Program – an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com products. 

Our Mission:

As is the case with any sport or activity, some inherent difficulties and challenges come with kayaking. At Kayak Horizons, we believe that kayakers need more than just a kayak to have the wholesome experience they planned out in their minds. 

Therefore, we review the often overlooked aspect of kayaking gear and accessories, along with actual kayaks, to make sure every kayaker leverages their potential of experiencing the widest of horizons through their kayak.  

How We Recommend Products:

To provide you with our product recommendations, we go through one of two paths. Backed up by our extensive expertise in the outdoor and kayak domains, we no longer need to empirically test products to figure out whether they’re worth the purchase or not. Not to mention, since we’ve basically tried out products from all manufacturers, we know who’s capable of what.

For that reason, our product researchers work their magic to consistently provide us with the top-rated products in the industry through their exhaustive research processes. Before our content writers review them accordingly, we set the seal on their qualifications to give you nothing short of top-tier products.

For buying guides, we ensure that the lists contain a product for everyone – we don’t force a budget on you, and we don’t assume any physical characteristics. 

As for the product reviews, they’re based on objective assessments and provide you full coverage on the product at hand, and that includes both its strong suits and weak points based on information from multiple sources.

As we’ve mentioned, our affiliate program participation doesn’t in any way influence our reviews; because that would defy the entire mission of our website.

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The second path we opt for is to review the products first-hand; after all, we’re kayakers just like yourself, and we very much enjoy our time in the water. Accordingly, you’re getting reviews based on experiential trials!

Regardless of the path we review based upon, we’d like to assure you that financial gain was never the purpose of this website, and you’ll see that for yourself over time!