KayakHorizons - About Us

About Us:

Here at Kayak Horizons, we aim to be the hub for all things kayaking-related in the hopes that our enthusiasm for the activity will be contagious and get everyone to set sails at different destinations and hit the water at least once in their lifetimes. Providing you with our hands-on reviews on kayak seats, paddles, fish finders, GPS trackers, and more kayak accessories, as well as, of course, kayaks, we’re your prime resource for all you need for your next outdoor trip.

Our Background:

When Kayak Horizons first started out a couple of years back, it was a passion project that you could call a “one-person company”, led by an avid kayaker, Jack Morgan, who just couldn’t help but share his narratives on the significance of kayak accessories and equipment in his journeys in the water.

Jack Morgan

The more trips he made, the more he realized the striking contributions of the “right equipment” in empowering him to paddle all-year-round. Knowing that there’s not a single kayak enthusiast who doesn’t need new gear or at least welcome the recommendations, he started Kayak Horizons with the goal of sharing his first-hand kayak accessories’ reviews with everyone looking for comfortable water rides.

In no time, Kayak Horizons became an attraction to a community of paddles, each with their unique journeys and destinations with tons of ideas and resources to share! So, what was once a one-person show swiftly transformed into a full squad of avid kayakers accompanied by a line-up of well-versed content creators to craft the needed words to extensively and adequately recap our experiences.

From the “Best Kayaks for Beginners” and “How to Storage a Kayak in a Garage” all the way to the “Best Kayak Anchors” and the “Best Kayak Accessories”, kayak guides, gear and accessories’ reviews, and anything else you need to know about kayaking is yours for the asking whenever you need it.

Jump-Starting the Learning Curve: From Beginner to Pro Kayaker 

Because kayaking is all about moving forward all the time and includes a steep learning curve to reach competency, and because each member of the Kayak Horizons team has a long-standing relationship with kayaking, we’re sharing with you what we wished other kayakers had shared with us at the beginning of our paddling journeys.

In other words, we’re giving you a shortcut and a master pass to see the real world of kayaking as it should be, and yes, kayaking accessories are that much mandatory and either make or break your experience – be it in calm seas or challenging rapids.

We’d hate for you to experience missed boofs, sunstrokes, cold shocks, strainers, and sweepers, and you know the rest. There’s no shame in getting off the line every once in a while, and we’ve all been there, but what if you can immediately take stock of the situation, right there and then? Victory!

Well, victory is our keyword at Kayak Horizons. Keep updated with our reviews and tips as we swap our paddling stories as we go – and let’s lay you the groundwork for even the most extended river trips and the ultimate paddling experiences!