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Kayak Rentals
Our rental fleet is the product of years of on-the-water trials to create a variety of kayaks suitable for beginner to advanced. Our fleet is the newest, most up to date kayaks available from Necky and Old Town. We offer multitudes of different models and makes for demonstration purposes to have the ultimate try-before-you-buy atmosphere. Our boats are meticulously maintained and tested to ensure your safety and comfort and we bring in an entirely new fleet every other season. We include all gear and equipment you’ll need as well as free instruction for beginners. Every renter receives a brief orientation and safety talk to make sure that your experience with us is a memorable one. No reservations are necessary, simply call ahead for tide times and weather conditions or just come on down!

Print and sign our waiver now so you can jump in a kayak and go! (Adobe Acrobat required.)

Basic Singles

  • $9 per hour
  • $23 for ˝ day (up to 4 hours)

    Our Basic Singles are designed with easy family style recreation in mind. They feature rock solid stability without sacrificing performance, large open cockpits for ease of entry and exit, and lots of room for all your stuff. Their smaller size makes them ideal for pulling up on the beach or exploring tight spots

    Basic Doubles

  • $12 per hour
  • $30 ˝ day (up to 4 hours)

    The Basic Doubles we feature offer all the convenience, stability and accessibility of our singles with room for two. They are perfect for that quick hour paddle with a friend or if you have a small child that just wants to go along for the ride.

    Touring Single with rudder

  • $14 per hour
  • $35 ˝ day (up to 4 hours)

    Touring Singles represent the thoroughbreds of kayaks. While they lack the stability and roominess of our basics, they more than make up for it with glide and speed. These boats feature rudders for directional control and tracking. If your looking to do some distance, this is the boat for you. Prior paddle experience recommended.

    Touring Doubles with rudder

  • $16 per hour
  • $39 ˝ day (up to 4 hours)

    These boats offer the ease and control of the rudder system on a larger, roomier two-person kayak. This boat is recommended for two adults looking for an extended paddle out on the water. Large open cockpits allow paddlers to bring plenty of gear (even a small cooler!!)

    Canoe (fits several people)

  • $16 per hour
  • $39 ˝ day (up to 4 hours)

    Kayak Rentals

    Download and fill out the waiver so you can just get in a kayak and go!
    Acrobat is needed to view file. Click here to download free.

    Download and print the waiver!

  • Photo by Chuck Abbe