6. Baywood Park

A fun paddle if the tides are right.

The small community of Baywood Park is an extremely popular destination for kayakers due to its easy public access and dock and its several quaint restaurants. Even novice kayakers can paddle the 2.5 miles from our dock to here easily. In all but the lowest of tides, you can paddle here, pull your kayak up on the public landing and have a coffee or sandwich at Coffee and Things, Mexican at Las Cazuelas, or even Thai food at Nois restaurant. A small convenience store can supply light snacks and drinks. This trip should ideally be timed with flood and ebb tides for a downriver trip in both directions!! Call ahead for tide times and levels. Birders will find an abundance of both terrestrial and shore birds due to its close proximity to Sweet Springs Preserve across the small bay.

Blue Heron feeding at low tide.  photo:  B. K. Richard

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Loon enjoying the day   Tom Dawson

Drew & Jennie