Sales at our Paddle Sports Store

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Open 9 - 5.   Located at 551 Embarcadero, just south of the Aquarium, in Morro Bay.  


We will be closing for good at the end of September.  We still have quite a few items in our store that we are offering at 30% off.  This includes Aquabound Paddles.  Carlisle paddles.  Sit on top kayak seats.  Gloves.  Dry bags.  Paddle and fishing pole leashes.  ETC.

We`ll also be selling off our rental fleet, life jackets and paddles.  We need to hold onto the rental fleet until after September 26 because we have a very large group coming in on that day.  You`re welcome to come down and take a look.  We could mark a kayak if you find one and we`ll settle up after the 26th.

There will be tax on these items.

Used Tandem kayaks run from $300 to $400.

Used Single Kayaks $200 to $300.

All Kayaks are Sit-In.  From Old Town and Perception.

Used paddles $20.  Aquabound and Carlisle

Used Life jackets $20  Extrasport and Stearns.

This is all all top of the line equipment.  Used. A lot.

















Photo: Chuck Abbe




Photos: Sue Craft

photo: Tom Dawson