. Kayak Horizons -- FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Are reservations necessary?
We rent kayaks on a first-come-first-serve basis. We have the capability of putting over 65 people out on the water so availability is never a problem. Occasionally on very busy days, we may run short temporarily; however, not to worry, the wait is seldom longer than 30 minutes. Groups over 15 people please see group section of this site.

What do I wear?
Typical beachwear is the best course. Layers of light to mid weight clothing that can be easily removed or added are recommended. Fabrics such as synthetic or fleece provide great insulation even when wet. Try to steer clear of cotton or jeans as they take too long to dry. Shorts and T-shirts are okay on warm days but Morro Bay can cool off suprisingly fast. Old sneakers, waters shoes, and sandals work best for footwear. Hats and sunglasses are also advisable.

What do I need to bring?
Kayaks have plenty of room for storage so donít hesitate to bring along a few extra items. A snack and a bottle of water can be welcome relief after a good paddle so bring plenty of both. The sand spit is a great place to picnic so you can bring along a small ice chest. Morro Bay is very scenic so definitely donít forget the camera and/or binoculars. If you're nervous about getting them wet, we can supply you with a dry bag to protect them. Sunscreen is also a key item as the glare off the water intensifies the sun even on foggy days. After kayaking, it is always nice to have a dry towel or change of clothes in your car.

Can first timers paddle easily?
Most definitely!! Kayaking in Morro Bay is tailor made for beginners. Our dockside harbor access eliminates the complicated surf zone launch found elsewhere. We specialize in getting you out on the water easily and safely. We have picked our boats out to be completely user friendly and comfortable (see rental page). All paddlers get a lesson and orientation of the Bay on the dock then launched into a calm, flat water/harbor environment.

What roles do tides and weather play?
Weather and tide can be a major contributor to your paddling experience. Tidal currents can be tough or helpful at times and tide levels can also determine access to certain areas of the Bay. We highly recommend calling ahead for tidal conditions so we can pinpoint the perfect time for your trip. We use an advanced tidal calculating software program to aid us in this respect. If timed correctly, it is possible to ride the tide both in, and out of the Bay saving tired arms. Weather conditions, mainly wind, are also a major player. Windy conditions tend to arise in the afternoon (particularly in the spring) so it is wise to try to start as early as possible to take advantage of glassy morning water. Foggy conditions are normally calm and serene despite reduced visibility. We monitor weather constantly from several marine sources to ensure that we are one step ahead. Again, calling ahead to check conditions is a good idea.

Can children go kayaking?
Kids have become some of our best paddlers. Children are always welcome here and we can outfit them with their own personal size life jackets and paddles. Kids with kayak experience in fair conditions are often put in their own single kid-sized kayaks and have a blast. We simply require that kids are accompanied by an adult over 18 years old. People will even bring infants or toddlers down to kayak and keep them sitting between their legs of one of our basic doubles. Many times they return with child sound asleep, rocked by the gentle bobbing motion of the kayak! Definitely donít hesitate to bring the kids.

Photos: Robert F. Davis